DeerHaven is what I call the property I bought outside of and northwest of Olympia, Washington, USA. The land is very close to Eld Inlet on the eastern shores of the Steamboat Peninsula at the south end of Puget Sound, known originally as the Salish Sea.

There are many species of wildlife that inhabit DeerHaven. ┬áThe most frequently seen are Columbian Whitetailed Deer (designated a threatened species), Douglas squirrels, robins, blue jays, crows, owls, sea gulls, bald eagles, cottontail rabbits, heron, sparrows, woodpeckers, opossums, raccoons, and monarch butterflies just to name a few. ┬áThe longer I live here, the longer the list grows as I learn to recognize more of them. Since my property lies across the road from the Puget Sound there are peak-a-boo views of the water. At certain times of the year you can hear the sea lions’ barking when their raft I call a “flotilla” comes through in search of chum salmon.

Botanicals that dominate the property are alder trees, evergreen huckleberry shrubs, redwood trees, Western red cedar trees, holly trees, wild cherry trees, rhododendrun shrubs, giant swordferns, wild rhubarb and wild blackberries.

When I moved here I was advised by neighbors to put out yellow jacket traps at the beginning of summer and have caught more than a dozen of the insects so far. Definitely not an activity I needed to participate in while residing in Ventura county!

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